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Credit Connect Capital 

We Say A Yes When the rest of the Australian Financial Service Says NO!

Credit Connect Capital's executive management team has many years' combined experience in the property mortgage and funds management field, and Australian financial services. During this time CCC has primarily been involved in mortgage lending, funds management and other commercial ventures.

The directors take an active role in the day-to-day operations, approval process and the ongoing loan management process. Credit Connect Capital Ltd prides itself on the personal approach that is offered to all investors and borrowers. 

Lend or Borrow Safely And Flexibly at Credit Connect 

For our investors: Credit Connect Capital Ltd strives to provide its investors with consistent, above average returns, supported by mortgage security over real estate assets, plus continuity of principal and interest payments.

For our borrowers: Credit Connect Capital Ltd works directly with real estate borrowers and/or their introducer to determine and provide the best outcome in terms of loan structure and built-in flexibility to meet their specific needs.