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Peter Benson  

Peter Benson is a current director of Credit Connect Capital Ltd, and has over 20 years of investment/lending experience – involving numerous private financing transactions.

Prior to founding Credit Connect Capital Ltd, Peter incorporated and established the highly successful private lending firm, Credit Connect Pty Ltd which still today Peter guides to be one of the most respected private lending firms in Australia. The impeccable performance of Credit Connect Pty Ltd speaks highly of Peter’s expertise and experience.

Peter holds a Diploma of Financial Planning, is PS146 compliant and is very well respected in the business community throughout Australia.

Cam Ly  

Cam Ly is a current director of Credit Connect Capital Ltd and has for many years been involved in the Property/Finance industry as his role as a solicitor.

Cam operates his own law firm known as Cam Ly & Co Solicitors. Some of the areas his firm specializes in is mortgage lending and immigration law.

Cam speaks several languages including Cantonese, Mandarin, Chinese and Vietnamese.

Cam's qualitficiations include a Bachelor of Law &Bachelor of Science. Cam is also a registered Immigration Agent. 

Christopher Bristow  

Christopher Bristow is a current director of Credit Connect Capital Ltd and has many years experience in the Real Estate/Financial sector.

Christopher has gained extensive financial experience previously working with the ANZ Bank as an Assistant Manager, Fund Manager whereby he was employed as an Authorized Representative and Compliance Officer.

Prior to this, Christopher was employed as an investigator with the Australian Securities &Investments Commission (ASIC).

Christopher has successfully completed a double degree holding a Bachelor of Arts/Commerce.