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Funded Loans

Here are some of our latest successfully funded loans.....

Hallam, VIC: $340,000 loan

Invest in Hallam

First mortgage funding was required for business purposes; to assist in the purchase of a development property

Strathalbyn, SA: $882,000 loan

Invest in Strathalbyn

Our private lenders assisted this borrower by providing first mortgage funding, for the development of a residential land sub-division.

Sydney, NSW: $2,800,000 loan

Finance was required to refinance the current lender and to provide working capital to the borrower.

Jacobs Well, QLD: $1,125,000 loan

Funding was required to refinance the existing mortgagee and provide working capital to assist with a Town Planning application.

Bairnsdale, VIC: $11,288,249 loan

Our private lenders assisted this borrower in the development of Stage 3 of a residential land sub-division comprising of 59 allotments.

Magenta Shores, NSW: $5,260,000 loan

First mortgage funding was provided to assist with a 19 allotment land sub-division within a master plan beach front residential estate.