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Credit Connect Capital Ltd is a lender specialising in property finance, and providing interest-only loan facilities to finance brokers in Australia, and borrowers, in exchange for registered mortgages over the borrower's Australian real estate.

Guidance From CCC’s to all your Finance Needs.


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Loan Pack:-

Whether you're a private borrower, a mortgage broker or a professional seeking funding for your client, we can make private lending easy. To get you started, simply download our Loan Pack. Providing all the information you need for the application process, our Loan Pack includes:

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Our Loan Types & Guidelines - Our loan parameters. 

The Process - Taking you step by step through each stage of the process, from the first phone call to lodgment and loan settlement.

Borrowing Application Form

Document Checklist - A list of all documents and details required for each loan type. 


Credit Connect Capital's team has been sourcing creative mortgage solutions, with brokers and borrowers, for over 30 years. We are committed to excellence within the private sector and operate from a position of integrity in all our dealings. CCC's goal is to provide true value to all our borrowing clients, and work towards mutual benefit for all parties involved.


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