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Connect Well For the Best Private Finance Australia


  • First Mortgage over real Australian property as primary security
  • Transparency as each Loan has its own SPDS to support informed investment decisions
  • Independent valuation information for each loan
  • Each commercial Loan is selected by the Investor
  • Selected Loans are segregated from other Loans
  • Related parties cannot participate in a Loan in the Fund other than as unit holders on equal terms as other Investors
  • The Fund cannot lend to a related party
  • Management fees only apply when funds are invested in a Loan
  • Penalty portion of interest payments accrue to Investors
  • A visible process:
    - Credit Connect Capital Limited sources Loans
    - Investors select Loans
    - Credit Connect Capital Limited manages Loans

    For more information on private finance call Credit Connect Capital direct.  We'd love to hear from you.