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Credit Connect Values 

At Credit Connect we specialize in providing investors with opportunities to participate in the mortgage market through our innovative Credit Connect Secure Income Fund. Our fund is designed to offer attractive risk-adjusted returns while prioritising diversification.  First Mortgage Investments are a short-term, low-risk, income-focused investment strategy that can provide Investors with stable, passive income.

Since 2003, Credit Connect has been offering investors a range of income producing investments, secured by Australian real estate. A comparatively low risk investment approach that can give investors a consistent income stream is first mortgage investing.  We present our clients with a strong substitute for traditional fixed income investments. One that seeks to continuously enhance client outcomes by fusing a value proposition that is appealing to clients with very distinct alpha sources.   We have never had any capital losses or impairments in our Seclect mortage fund, demonstrating our strong commitment to minimising downside risk, while generating risk-weighted returns that are higher than normal for the sector.


A Specialist Team

Despite the fact that Credit Connect has long been a specialised investment firm, our investment team has a wide range of experience with international investing, dating back to the 1980s. This strategy has aimed to provide steady, volatility-controlled returns during this time span, despite shifting financial market conditions and economic cycles, including times of extreme market stress.

To ensure a thorough loan assessment process that seeks to yield only the best loan investment options being given to our community of Investors, we have a team of lending specialists with extensive industry experience.


First Loss Protection

We have put in place a “first loss" protection for investors.  The Manager has committed to credit enhance the fund by ensuring that the investors do not bear the first 10% of capital losses of the fund due to binding agreements to subordinate the equivalent amount of units in the fund to offset the first 10% loss of capital in the fund before investors capital is diminished.

Total investments managed.
   Years of collective experience in Funds Management.
No loss of Investor capital in the Select mortgage fund.


We concentrate on security over property located in areas that have observably strong demand fundamentals, are near amenities and infrastructure, and profit from changed circumstances.


In addition to personal guarantees from the borrowing entity's directors, our loans are backed by First Mortgages, and if feasible, cross-collateralized against other assets.


All of our investments are backed by professional independent current valuations that are all secured against high-quality Australian real estate at conservative LVRs, below 65%.

Liquidity Events

Every loan begins with the identification of several distinct liquidity strategies as part of our due diligence. These are rigorously tracked until maturity.


We give equal weight to the borrower's qualifications, experience and reputation as we do to the security. They undergo a thorough due diligence procedure in every scenario.


The Manager is also invested in the Fund.  Our co-investment ensures that our focus is on not only making good returns but also minimising downside risk.

Our History


Launch of the Unregistered Wholesale Private Credit Fund

The Credit Connect Select Fund invests in standalone 1st mortgages that are ringfenced from other assets in the fund.  Investors select the risk and earnings profile that suits them.


Establishment of Credit Connect Capital and Australian 1st Mortgage Strategy

Credit Connect Capital was founded in 2003, with a focus on risk-adjusted returns. The CEO, Peter Benson has grown the firm through the careful cultivation of best of breed capabilities, and a focus on investing alongside clients and capping AuM capacity far below peer strategies to focus on strong ongoing alpha generation.

 Meet the Team

When you invest with us, you take advantage of a vast pool of real estate and financial knowledge. With outstanding expertise in property financing and advice, funds management, financial services, legal, property development, construction, project management, and accounting, our team has an average of thirty years of experience in the business.

Peter Benson


Peter Benson is the CEO of Credit Connect Group and has over 25 years of investment and lending experience – involving numerous private financing transactions. In 2006, prior to establishing Credit Connect Group, Peter founded and incorporated the highly successful private lending firm, which evolved into Credit Connect, which Peter still guides as one of Australia’s most respected private lending and finance facilitation firms today. The longstanding performance of Credit Connect speaks highly of Peter’s expertise and experience. Peter holds a Diploma of Financial Planning, is RG146 compliant and is very well respected in the business community throughout Australia.

Chris Bristow


Christopher Bristow is a nonexecutive director of Credit Connect Capital and has many years’ experience in the Financial and Real Estate sector. Christopher has gained extensive financial experience previously working with the ANZ Bank as an Assistant Fund Manager whereby he was employed as an Authorized Representative and Compliance Officer. Prior to this, Christopher was employed as an investigator with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Christopher has degrees in Arts and Economics.  

Andrew Howard

Head of Risk & Liquidity

Andrew has more than 35 years of experience in investment management and capital markets.  He initially studied law before embarking on a career in capital markets. Andrew has a strong financial engineering background with global investment banks including Transcity (Bank of New York), Schroders, NatWest, IBJ (Mizuho) and finally founding a funds management group which included establishing and running a fund for fund of funds and other institutional investors.  During his time in the markets he restructured NatWest’s balance sheet and was responsible for managing the assets and liabilities of the bank. Prior to NatWest, Andrew was an executive with Schroders, working in capital markets creating and managing the interest rate swap book, which he managed from inception and grew to in excess of $25 billion.  

Cameron Ly


Cam Ly is a non-executive director of Credit Connect Capital and has for many years been involved in the Property and Finance industry in his role as a solicitor. Cam is principal solicitor of Cam Ly & Co Solicitors. Some of the areas his firm specialises in is mortgage lending and immigration law. Cam speaks several languages including Mandarin, Cantonese and Vietnamese. Cam’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Law & Bachelor of Science. Cam is also a registered Immigration Agent.


Marcus Blake

Head of Funds Management

Marcus is a senior financial market professional who brings a wealth of experience in providing best practice, quality solutions that deliver value to client (Corporate, Institutional, Private Wealth, NFP/PFP, Family Office), sustainable returns and franchise loyalty. Over 30 years, he has managed the domestic and international, multi-asset operations for global investment banks and institutions including Macquarie Bank, Merrill Lynch, BNP Paribas, Commerzbank AG and most recently, FIIG Securities, as Head of Investment Management.


Penelope Eleuterio

Head of Marketing

As the Head of Marketing, Penelope brings over a decade of experience in international marketing that drives revenue, business growth and enhances brand visibility. With a keen eye for emerging market trends and a passion for digital innovation, Penelope has successfully led numerous campaigns that have significantly increased customer engagement and market share. Her expertise encompasses a wide range of skills, including strategic planning, digital marketing, and team leadership. At the core of Penelope's approach is a commitment to understanding customer needs and leveraging data-driven insights to deliver impactful marketing solutions. Penelope's leadership not only inspires her team to exceed their targets but also fosters a creative and collaborative work environment that is pivotal to corporate success.



Paul McGregor

Credit/Compliance Committee

Paul has extensive experience in wholesale financial markets over the last 35 years.  Paul has held senior management roles with Domestic and International Investment banks including, Goldman Sachs JB Were as Executive Director - Head of Futures,  Newedge Australia (a Société Générale and Crédit Agricole joint venture) as Head of Institutional Sales, and HSBC as Manager Bond Futures. He has provided strategic trading advice to bank balance sheets, market price makers and fund managers. Paul has been responsible for clearing and settlement operations and the risk management of trade settlements and client positions.  He has liaised with the Australian Securities Exchange on capital requirements and position margining and has been a member of the SFE Market Practice Committee.  Paul has been responsible for the development and implementation of compliance policies, staff training, as well as financial and management risk strategies to compliment and support those businesses.

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