Credit Connect Secure Income Fund

Our objective is to exceed performance expectations for our Investors

We seek investment in a diversified portfolio of first mortgage securities with a consistent, stable yield.

A pooled, open-ended unit trust with strictly registered first mortgages and the benefit of regular investor payments.

The Fund's goal is to give investors access to a professionally managed portfolio of registered first mortgages secured by real estate around the country.

​A Responsible Entity and Fund that are licenced and registered by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

The Fund

Overview of the Credit Connect Secure Income Fund

  • Target Returns: 9.00% to 9.50% per annum, post fees and expenses.
  • The Fund is a pooled, open-ended, Unit Trust.
  • Regular Income.
  • Distributions can be reinvested into the Fund.
  • Management fee of 1.50% per annum. 
  • Minimum application $25,000, and thereafter in $10,000 multiples.
  • Minimising Downside Risk

For investors looking for investment alternatives, Credit Connect provides registered first mortgage property security. We have a strong commitment to minimising downside risk, while seeking to generate risk-weighted returns that are higher than normal for the sector. An Investment in the Credit Connect Secure Income Fund is limited to, and the information on the website is only intended for wholesale investors. Our targeted return for the fund is not a forecast and may not be achieved.

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The Fund

Part of a Broader Investment Portfolio

Our Fund can be used to play different roles as part of your broader investment portfolio, including:​

  • Primary defensive fixed income source
  • Diversifier of the portfolio and source of uncorrelated returns
  • Defensive substitute
  • An alternative to traditional investing focused on "income".
  • Medium-term goal of the Fund is a consistent return that exceeds inflation.

Our Funds

We are committed to providing best-in-class investment products with exceptional returns. 

Credit Connect Property Trust

(ASIC Registered)

The Credit Connect Property Trust was designed as an absolute return fund that offers investors a highly structured portfolio of development opportunities based on a fundamental bottom-up research process in high-yielding real estate assets that aim to deliver strong and growing income, along with significant capital appreciation. The Strategy aims for strong, positive, risk-adjusted returns whilst preserving capital.

Credit Connect Secure Income Fund

(ASIC Registered)

The Credit Connect Secure Income Fund is fund that offers investors a highly structured portfolio of 1st mortgages based on our fundamental research and proprietary evaluation process. The Strategy aims for strong, positive, risk-adjusted returns whilst minimising downside risk and co-investment by the manager.  The fund a loss has a 10% first loss protection.

Credit Connect

 Private Credit Fund


The Credit Connect Select Fund invests in standalone 1st mortgages that are ringfenced from other mortgage assets in the fund.  Investors select the risk and earnings profile that suits them.  A tailored approach when an investor isn't concerned about diversification or liquidity.

Why Invest With Us?

Our method for accumulating wealth focuses on stable income and risk adjusted returns.


We seek to offer investors stable and reliable income returns from our pool of first mortgages.


We use highly active investment management techniques and industry best practices to provide our investors with strong risk-adjusted returns.  


The Fund's loan portfolio will be secured by registered first mortgages over Australian real estate.


Our investment team has over 100+ years of collective experience with international investing, dating back to the 1980s.

Risk Management

Maximum LVR of 65% of the security property's worth. Members of an authorised panel of valuers conduct an independent valuation.  


We seek to expose investors to a range of diverse underlying properties without going through several different investment firms.


Our investment portfolio will always be transparent and is audited annually.


We provide our clients with a secure online investor portal that lets you monitor interest payments and returns whenever you like, 24/7.  

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To invest in our fund you must apply through our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

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